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Welcome to Yeisk district


We invite you to the hospitable and generous land of the Yeysk District. Our territory has unique natural potential. The warm sea climate is combined with mild winters and moderate winds and allows successfully developing resort resting, treatment and sea sports.

Several dozens of natural shell beaches, which experts compare with the oceanic ones, are waiting for their investors and holidaymakers. Healing mud of Khan Lake, which is similar in composition to the mud of the Dead Sea, and sources of mineral waters distinguish our district as a resort combining opportunities for year-round treatment and recreation.

Historically, the land of the Yeysk District had a powerful port complex. Currently, our opportunities are increasing due to our plans for the construction of a new port. In this direction, the district territory has a huge unimplemented potential. We are also interested in the further development of the industrial complex and, above all, the processing enterprises.

The land of the Yeysk District is a Klondike of unimplemented opportunities for investors, and the Municipal Formation is ready to help them implement on the principles of free competition and considering the interests of all parties.

Sincerely yours,
Acting head of the Municipal Formation Yeysk District
Roman Iurievich Bublik