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X forum of largest companies of SFD (Southern Federal District) held on November 18 in Krasnodar in exhibition & congress complex Expograd South under the support of the administration of municipal formation the city of Krasnodar

The participants of the event were reps of large and medium-sized businesses as well as the authorities of Krasnodar region and regional center.

Following 9 months of 2016, 255, 2 billion rubles were invested into the economy of Krasnodar region. The growth rate of this indicator as compared to a similar period 2015 made 72.1%. The ertain decline in the investment activity in Krasnodar region over the last year is due to the suspension of some large infrastructural projects of the federal scale. Foremost, it concerns the "freezing" of the international project "Turkish flow" providing for the construction of gas trunk pipeline along the bottom of the Black Sea from Krasnodar region to the western part of Turkey.   

However, in 2016 specialists note the activation of the investment activity in Krasnodar region. Since the beginning of this year the number of large (cost  more than 100 million rubles) investment projects in Krasnodar region has been growing rapidly; 105 new projects have emerged in the region. Thus, currently 307 large investment projects worth 1.4 trillion rubles are being actively implemented in Krasnodar region.

Another positive driver relates to the fact that over 9 months in 2016 the investment growth rate over its positive mark (100,0%) as compared to the level of 9 months in 2015 has been fixed  in more than 70% (31 out of 44) of municipal formations of the region. Such trend that has been maintained for three consecutive quarters has never been observed in the region for 18 quarters (since 2011).

All these facts indicate some revitalization of the real economy and its entrance into the post-Olympic development trend. The participants of the discussion also noted that in broad terms there are no indications of any investment pause in the development of the economy of Krasnodar region.   

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Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region