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Vladimir Putin kicked off the work of a technologial tunnel Sheskharis-Grushovaya

At the meeting regarding the transport infrastructure development in the country’s south the Head of State put focus on the erection of the Kerch bridge as well as the need for construction of by-pass routes of the Krasnodar railway hub.    

According to the information from the Press-Service of the head of the administration (Governor) of Krasnodar region, in the lead up to the opening ceremony the Russian President inspected from the helicopter a number of transport infrastructure facilities of the Southern Federal District, including the bridge being built over the Kerch Strait. Veniamin Kondratyev, interim Governor of Kuban, took part in the official ceremony of commissioning the tunnel in Novorossiysk and in the meeting.

As emphasized by the Head of State, the construction of the tunnel was carried out under challenging geological conditions and necessitated high professional skills. The new pipeline integrated all of the production sites, the fact that remarkably simplifies and optimizes the acceptance and discharge of hydrocarbons and subsequently their transportation via the port of Novorossiysk and guarantees the compliance with high global environmental and industrial safety standards.          

The technological tunnel links together two industrial sites – the oil-park "Grushovaya" and the transshipment complex "Sheskharis" located at a distance of 12 km from each other. The tunnel with a diameter of 3.3 m and extension of 3.2 km was driven through the cliffy rocks of the Markotkh Range. The new facility is meant for transportation of oil and oil products from the site "Grushovaya" to the complex "Sheskharis" located on the Black Sea. A large-scale reconstruction of the transshipment complex "Sheskharis" commenced in the year 2012. The plan is to complete the retrofitting and upgrading works in 2025.

At the meeting regarding the transport infrastructure development in the country’s south Vladimir Putin pointed out that the Kerch bridge must be handed over at the end of 2018. The President also added that the railway traffic load is growing along with the increasing transport load in the ports. Consequently, it is crucial to build up the national transportation industry potential and promote the traffic infrastructure. It will give impetus to development of the southern territories and Russia, at large.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region