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Veniamin Kondratyev commented on the outcomes of the Russian investment forum

The delegation of Krasnodar region concluded 200 minutes and agreements in the investment sphere for a total amount of 140 billion rubles over two days of the Forum work that will take place in Sochi in February 27-28.

According to the preliminary data, the highest number of documents was signed in the agricultural & industrial complex sector – more than 90, in the construction – 30, in resort & tourism sectors and industry – 22 and 21 respectively.

In terms of the raised investments, around 40% of the total number – more than 52 billion rubles – were put into the agreements in housing & utilities infrastructure and fuel & energy complex. Within the framework of the reached agreements, more than 49 billion rubles are planned to channel to the implementation of projects in the construction sphere. The share in the volume of the raised investments into agriculture of the region made 18% of the total number – around 25 billion rubles.

According to Veniamin Kondratyev, the agreements signed at the forum by the region have social orientation that proves the aspiration of the business to improve the public living standards.

- The agreements that we concluded with the "Post by the Bank", chain of retail shops "Magnit", "UTair" – not only the commercial interest of the business but also the intention to ensure more comfortable conditions for our residents and raise the quality of life are at the core of the agreements. Similar example – agreement with the Belorussian enterprise "Mogilevliftmash": the equipment production localization on the territory of the region will be paid off, in best case, in 10 year; however, the business is ready for this since due to this project there will be a modern technique in multi-apartment houses and, the repairs of the existing equipment will be done in a quicker way. The residents will only benefit from it, - commented the Governor.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region