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Turkish investors plan to build two flour mills in Krasnodar region

It has become known about this during the meeting between Veniamin Kondratyev, Governor of Kuban, and Nurettin Demirpolat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Petek Un», and Mustafa Kabakzhi, Deputy Chairman. 

– Krasnodar region stands as a guarantor of food safety and chief grain producer in Russia. Last year we collected 14.5 million tons of cereals, leguminous crops and rice. Along with this, our strategic objective is not only to export but also to process grains here and export the finished product. Around 60 flour mills which ultimately cover the region’s demands are operating in the region. However, our flour should become the subject of export, - as noted by the Chief of the region.

In turn, Nurettin Demirpolat underscored that Krasnodar region produces wheat of high grade and that Kuban flour will be of demand overseas.

– Turkey exports 23% of flour across the globe, Russia – 1.5%. I deem that Russia should also take its proper place and from the perspective of the logistics Kuban is an ideal option for export. We have investigated the ports of Taman and Novorossiysk and we would like to have a container transport in place in Taman. The state would benefit from those investors that would build this mill, - said Nurettin Demirpolat.  

The Governor also noted that the region is willing to support the Turkish business in the construction of two flour mills on the territory of the region. According to the preliminary estimations, investors intend to locate them in Yeisk district and settlement Yurovka in Anapa.