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The vice-governor of Krasnodar region, Vasiliy Shvets, recently held the GovernorТs Advisory Council on Foreign Investments

Representatives of major foreign companies operating in the region and members of the Association of European Businesses took part in the event.

According to the vice-governor, cooperation with foreign investors in the Krasnodar region has a long-term and stable character. "Our main goal is to maintain a favorable business climate in the region; we want to show that the authorities of the region are ready for direct dialogue with foreign partners," said Mr. Shvets.

The vice-governor stressed that interest from the foreign business community continues to grow, as record number of foreign delegations  more than 30  visited the region last year. In 2017, the region attracted more than 484 billion rubles as investment, six percent growth with respect to 2016.

Mr. Shvets announced that the authorities decided to create an investment "Welcome Center", which started operating in April this year. The organization offers all necessary business services in accordance with the international standards, including legal support, recruitment, accounting, migration services, and much more  everything to make the process of operating in our region for all foreign investors as simple and efficient as possible.

Oleg Zharko, Chairman of the Southern Regional Committee of the Association of European Business, summed up the cooperation with foreign investors in Krasnodar region in 2017. "Based on practical experience and the consolidated opinion of large number of foreign companies, and according to a survey among the representatives of overseas business, the investment climate in Kuban is assessed as very positive", said Mr. Zharko.

According to the Council members, all branches of the regional government are using effective tools to create fertile business conditions and the attractiveness of the region as a focus for investment continues to grow.

On October 11, 2018, a Day of the Association of European Businesses (AEB) is planned in Krasnodar. The agenda of the event will include an extended meeting of the Governors Advisory Council on Foreign Investments, meetings of the Association Committees and the Reception dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the AEB Southern Regional Committee.

Press Service of the Administration of Krasnodar Region.

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Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region