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The software to support the investment projects will be developed in Krasnodar region

The upgrading of the investment project support system in Kuban has become one of the topics on agenda in the regional meeting on economic and investment development of Krasnodar region held today in Krasnodar under the chair of Veniamin Kondratyev.

The volume of the raised investor funds by the region in 2016 made 430 billion rubles; such data were articulated during the event.

In accordance with the assignment of the Governor, it was cardinally resolved to reallocate the funds for the development of the already existing and establishment of a new relevant infrastructure for the business. In 2017 co-working centers and business incubators as well as additional Centers of youth innovative creativity will emerge in the region.

By upgrading the investment project support system the region is working towards the implementation of completely different mechanisms into the process of interaction with investors.

The new support system will be based upon the usage of the software product enabling to trace the progress of implementing each project in real time mode. Besides, it will be a single one for all the project participants – authorities, municipal formation and telecom companies.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region