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The First Theme Park for Family Entertainments in Russia, the Sochi Park, Invites Participants of the Forum УSochi-2014Ф

In the days of conducting the International Investment Forum "Sochi", which will be held on September 18-21, 2014, its participants (the "red" and "blue" badges) will be able to visit the Sochi Park free of charge.

Upon presentation at the box office badges of other categories (a "media representative", a "stand-assistant", a "translator", a "security service", a "technical staff", a "conference participant"), one will be available to buy a single admission ticket to the Sochi Park with 25% discount, – the press service of the Sochi Park announces.

Sochi Park

A single admission ticket to the Park is valid for one day and allows to ride on all the amusement rides an unlimited number of times.

The Sochi Park is the first theme park for family entertainments in Russia, all the story lines of which are devoted to Russia, its cultural and historical heritage.

Sochi Park

The first project of the Sochi Park was presented at the International Investment Forum "Sochi -2010".

Over the following years, members of the Sochi Forum had the opportunity to observe the construction of the object.

The first visitors visited the Sochi Park in February 2014, during the XXII Olympic Winter Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi.

Sochi Park

The official opening of the park was in summer, 2014.

Among the unique attractions, the Sochi Park has the following ones:

- the gravitation slide "Quantum Leap", which can reach speeds up to 105 km/h (there are only six slides in the world like that to date);

- the highest in Russia attraction of free fall "Firebird" (with a high of 65 m);

- the slide "Dragon Gorynych" with the acceleration effect and the length of the route of 1,056 m;

- the attraction for the whole family "Balloon PINCODE" executed in the style of the popular animated series "Smeshariki".

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region