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Tbilisskaya district of Krasnodar region to present a fish breeding plant project at the International investment forum УSochi-2015Ф

The municipality will propose the entrepreneurs constructing a rainbow trout and paddlefish breeding enterprise.  

The project is to be implemented on a land plot with an area of over 600.000 sq.m, located within the boundaries of Marjinskoye rural settlement, 300 meters to the north-west from the Khutor (farmstead) Ekaterinoslavsky. The fish farm that will be annually producing approximately 100 tons of fish per year is expected to be established within one year. The enterprise will need to carry out common repairs of the ponds and implement the state-of-the-art intensive fish breeding technologies in order to launch a production process. The enterprise establishment will enable to address the public need for purchasing high-quality fish products, namely, rainbow trout and paddlefish, in Krasnodar and Stavropol regions.          

According to the developed business plan, investment amount required for the project implementation will equal a little more than 18 million rubles. In such a case, the investment recoupment period will take two and a half years. By reaching the projected capacity, the annual gross income of the enterprise will amount to 6.63 million rubles, while the annual average tax payments – to 4.67 million rubles. The production launch will enable to create 9 new workplaces in the district.

Currently, the land plot is not equipped with the utility infrastructure; however, the connection points are installed at the plot’s boundary. Costs for the arrangement of on-site utilities are included into the project total value.     

The facility has a favorable location: two kilometers far from the local motor road and regional highway "Temryuk-Krasnodar-Kropotkin". The distance to the nearest railway station "Grechishkino" is 1.4 km, to the international airport of the city of Krasnodar is 95 km and to the maritime port of Novorossiysk is 283 km.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region