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Sugar factories of Kuban have produced over 1 million tons of beet sugar

The current figures have outstripped those of the year 2014 by 51 thousand tons.

According to the information fr om the Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry of Krasnodar region, from the outset of processing the sugar factories made a stock of 8.37 million tons of sugar beet of the year 2015, of which 8.1 million tons were processed. The output of the dried pulp totaled around 267 thousand tons.

The joint-stock company "Uspensky sakharnik", OJSC "Sugar factory "Leningradsky", OJSC "Vikor" (Novopokrovskaya district) took the lead in terms of sugar processing output. They expanded beyond the sugar processing output lim it by more than 100 thousand tons each. 

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region