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Scottish Pride with Kuban Emphasis

A lot of 200 barrels fr om Caucasian oak produced by the Agricultural Firm Phanagoria went to the world-famous distilleries,  the press service of the Administration of the Krasnodar region reports.

A specialized cooperage shop of the AF Phanagoria is single in Kuban. However, Kuban masters have not so many competitors in whole Russia. A coopers ancient craft thrives only wh ere a suitable material and a permanent customer take place. Because the process of production of the beautiful barrels for wine, brandy or whiskey is laborious and costly. Only very strong rock ancient trees give a quality oak board with stave. And therefore, the Caucasian oak requires much more attention and efforts during its processing. Participants of the regional press tour became witnesses of the production of such new barrels: they saw with their own eyes how the coopers tightened staves steamed in a 100-degree camera to hoops, joined side walls and bottoms of the barrels together with millimeter accuracy, pressed and sintered them on an open fire.

This barrel coordinated by all the rules is priceless: it saturates fine drinks with diverse palette of flavors and aroma. And its highly appreciated by winemakers from all over Russia, from the Crimean Massandra, from Argentina and Scotland. The cooperage shop "Phanagoria", established in 2011, has become a supplier of ancient Scottish distilleries. As customers explained, with the help of the Kuban barrels, they want to give the famous whiskey a new interesting  Kuban!  emphasis.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region