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Over the first quarter 2017 the turnover between Krasnodar region and Switzerland reached 3.9 million us dollars

The Governor Veniamin Kondratyev and representative of Ticino canton of the upper chamber of the Swiss Parliament Filippo Lombardi discussed the prospects for development of collaboration between the region and the Confederation.

It shall be reminded that an agreement on the Swiss delegations mission to Kuban was reached during a visit of Veniamin Kondratyev to Bern in the year 2016. During the Russian economic and financial Forum, the Head of the region signed a Protocol of Intent on Cooperation between Krasnodar region and Swiss canton Ticino.

During a return visit, the representatives from the foreign state visited two leading wine farms of the region  Lefkadia and Abrau-Dyurso and met with government officials and business community reps.

As noted by Veniamin Kondratyev, today Kuban and the Confederation have many common grounds. Over the first quarter 2017, the turnover between the region and the country reached 3.9 million US dollars. Enterprises with Swiss capital are successfully operating in the region. According to the Governor, it is necessary to promote such collaboration.

 The region is looking for partners to establish enterprises of agricultural processing and timber processing industries and pharmaceuticals, - emphasized Veniamin Kondratyev. Moreover, the objective of the government is to create conditions, a platform for mutually beneficial cooperation between entrepreneurs from Krasnodar region and Switzerland.

Furthermore, it is crucial to develop synergies in the area of culture, sports and education. In particular, the Governor offered to organize join educational programs, to facilitate youth cooperation through school and student exchange programs.

Filippj Lombardi, in his turn, underscored that Kuban and Switzerland could share their best practices in the development of a tourist industry. Primarily, it concerns the organization of leisure activities across seasons. In addition, according to the Swiss representatives it is important to set up cooperation in the wine industries of the region.

Press-Service of the administration of Krasnodar region 

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