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Kuban Capital for the First Time Takes an Innovative Project УRobot BallФ

During the month, from October 17 till November 16, 2014, an exhibition of the world’s most famous robots is held at the shopping and entertainment centre "Krasnodar Gallery".

Inventions from around the world – America, Europe, South Korea and Japan – participate at the international meeting of robots – a project that received the short name "Robot Ball".

Visitors of the exhibition can see more than 20 different robots, including British humanoid robot Thespian, Japanese robot PARO and Korean robot Silbot, which has at its disposal a set of programs for the training and development of memory in children and adults.

Among the proposed exhibits, there are creations of domestic innovators – the famous anthropomorphic robot Pushkin and remote presence robot R.Bot.

In turn, the interactive and educational program "Robot Ball" gives everyone the opportunity to try oneself in the role of engineer and master basic skills of designing and assembling of robots in the children’s robotic laboratory.

Over 200 thousand people attended the exhibition show "Ball Robot" in Moscow and Sochi.

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Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region