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Krasnodar and Sochi Archived Top Ten of the Most Liveable Cities in Russia

High social and economic development of Kuban was reflected in the new integral rating.

The St. Petersburg Institute for Spatial Planning Urbanik in cooperation with the Union of Architects of Russia developed rating of hundred largest cities in the country according to 2013.

Surgut (ranked the first place with 74.6 scores), Nizhnevartovsk (69.5) and Tyumen (69.2) – cities, in which the largest oil and gas companies of Russia operate – ranked the first three places in the top of 100. Olympic Sochi with 67 scores ranked the fourth line. It is an impressive result. According to information of 2012, the Kuban "pearl" ranked the 22nd place. This breakthrough is logical because the region did a great work in Sochi to make it a city that is really comfortable for life.

Krasnodar that became accustomed to occupy a leading position in the prestigious All-Russian rankings is in the top ten again. At this time, the capital of Kuban with 62.6 scores ranked the sixth place.

Cities, participants in ranking, were assessed by the 100 scale rating in two directions – the "Urban Environment Quality" and the "Life Quality". Each of them was defined by set of criteria, by which the cities was ranked in relation to each other. Summary rating was compiled on the basis of these estimates.

In particular, the experts took into account such factors as housing per capita, modern consumption formats availability, the urban roads congestion level, the crime rate, lighting, external transport accessibility, the urban development level, the environmental pollution level, the expenditures level for housing and public utilities, the population purchasing power, and owner-occupied dwelling procurability.

According to the press service of the Administration of Krasnodar region, the rating compiler addressed to the official statistics, including data of Rosstat, large consulting and real estate agencies, and research institutes during the study.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region