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A farm unit where fish will help to cultivate vegetables will be built in Gelendzhik

The principle of aquaponics will be used in cultivation: fish and plants will be developing in a single aquatic system.  

The construction of a large-scale agrarian project has started at the resort. Yet there is an excavation pit at the place of future basins and greenhouses, however, the water source has already been identified. This particular water will be used at the start of fish cultivation. A water supply system will be established in the farm unit according to the principle of aquaponics. 

«Now the water undergoes complete chemical analysis. As soon as we obtain the first result, we will be able to fill up the basins and start сcolonizing the first fish which, we presume, will be able to merchandise with over a couple of months, as told Kristina Karas, Chief of the peasant farm.

Tilapia will be the first fish to be plunged into the basins. The water where it will be grown will be channeled to the greenhouses too. They need to be installed. The pathogenic microorganisms will be processed by fish, thus the salad and tomatoes will be in safety. Thus, the yielding capacity will increase. This scheme was used by the ancients, for instance, Aztecs. Gelendzhik agriculturists have the plans to start cultivating sturgeons and even carnivorous barramundi. It is planned to cultivate up to 80 tons of bioresources per year. The ecological system will enable not only to supply Kuban residents will various species of fish but also to enter the federal market.