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23 yacht marinas will be constructed on the Azov-Black Sea coast of Kuban

A concept for the promotion of yacht tourism was developed in the Krasnodar Region, which involves the construction of 23 marinas with a total capacity of 7 thousand ships. 19 of them will be located on the Black Sea coast, and 4 on the Azov coast.

At the present, there are 10 objects on the Black Sea coast, but only two of them can be considered modern marinas. Both are in Sochi. The infrastructure on the Azov coast is completely absent. Today, the Region can receive no more than 600 ships, and the demand for them during the season is several times higher than these figures.

Sochi Grand Marina and Imeretinskiy Port are two operating marinas, and the other two marinas – Port Gelendzhik and Russkoye More – are being under construction in the Tuapse District now.

In addition to determining the locations of marinas and their construction, the concept provides for the formation of a regulatory framework, the creation of hydraulic facilities, and the attraction of investors and residents.