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Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

The Yeisk District is located on the peninsula, on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Taganrog, at the base of the Yeisk Spit. The district borders on the waters of the Azov Sea, the Gulf of Taganrog and the Yeisk Estuary on three sides. This is the most remote point in the north-west of the Krasnodar Region. The district borders with the Shcherbinovskaya, Kanevskaya and Primorsko-Akhtarsk Districts.

The population of the Yeisk District is 135,483 people, of which about 93,000 are residents of the administrative center.

Yeisk is an administrative center of the district.

There is 1 city and 10 rural settlements uniting 40 settlements in the territory of the Yeisk District. There is 1 city, 4 Cossack villages, 25 small towns, 4 villages and 6 farms in the Yeisk District.

The Yeisk District is one of the major agricultural districts of the Krasnodar Region. The area of ​​the district is 2,120.3 square kilometers.

The advantageous geopolitical and geographical position, the presence of the sea and railway transport and automobile communications contributes to the dynamic development of the district.

There are three unique sandy spits – the Yeisk, Dolgaya and Kamyshevatskaya Spits – here. The Dolgaya Spit is a landscape monument of the nature of the Krasnodar Region. Unique seashell beaches, deep sea, freshwater lakes, rich animals and flora are its main features. The climate is moderate continental; the sun lights up sandy beaches for 170 days a year, so the swimming season lasts from late May to September.

Thanks to the natural potential and the diversity of the industrial base, the Yeisk District is a unique territory in some way. Agriculture, industry, a port complex, as well as resort, transport and consumer spheres harmoniously live and dynamically develop here. Agriculture, a consumer sphere, as well as transport and resort branches of the economy are priority branches of the district.

The agricultural sector is a main branch of the district economy, which provides not only food security, but also determines the social atmosphere of the district. Its share is 21.9%. There are 28 agricultural enterprises, 283 peasant farms and over 17,000 private subsidiary farms in the territory of the district. The number of workers employed in this sector of economy is 6,800 people.

Enterprises of the consumer sector are the backbone of the economy of the Yeisk District; their share is 58.4%. 2,199 facilities, including 1,656 retail outlets, 41 wholesale stores, 174 catering facilities, 3 markets, 325 personal service facilities and vehicle maintenance facilities operate in the consumer sector of the district. The number of workers employed in this sector of economy is 16,300 people.

The Yeisk transport hub is represented by the following modes of transport: automobile, railway, water (sea) and pipeline. The transport sector is 6.1% in the basic sectors of economy of the Yeisk District. There is great potential for the development of this sector of economy.

99 transport enterprises operate in the transport sector of economy, of which 8 are large and medium-sized. The number of workers employed in this sector of economy is 4,800 people. Currently, four stevedoring companies, such as Yeisk Seaport OJSC, Yeisk Port Elevator OJSC, Yeisk-Port-Vista LLC and Yeisk-Priazovye Port LLC, operate in the Yeisk Sea Port. Each company is a special terminal designed for performing loading and cargo handling.

The sanatorium-and-health-resort and tourist complex of the Municipal Formation includes 53 sanatorium-and-health-resort enterprises and more than 2,200 private accommodation facilities. 711,257 people visited the Yeisk district in 2017 that was 100.1% to the level of 2016, of which 105,223 people were organized leisure travelers that was 99.8% to the level of 2016. This branch is actively developing and favorable for investments.

More than 4.3 billion rubles were invested in large and medium-sized enterprises of the Municipal Formation Yeisk District during the period of 2012-2016, in comparison to the volume of investments by large and medium-sized enterprises of 1 billion rubles in 2016.

The volume of production of goods and services for a full range of enterprises in the Yeisk District in 2016 amounted to 51.6 billion rubles, including:

  • The volume of shipped industrial goods was 4.5 billion rubles;
  • The agricultural output was 11.3 billion rubles;
  • The turnover of the resort and tourist complex was 1.0 billion rubles;
  • The volume of construction work was 1.4 billion rubles;
  • The volume of transport services was 3.2 billion rubles;
  • The retail trade turnover was 22.5 billion rubles;
  • The turnover of public catering was 1.7 billion rubles;
  • The volume of paid services to the population was 6.0 billion rubles.